Ashish "Hash" Vyas

Ashish Vyas, Bassist for Thievery Corproration is an artist who’s eclectic musical taste has guided him on his sonic adventures. His influences and interests have taken him from improvisational, avant-garde music to post-punk rock to exotic, world sounds and rhythms to electro-pop…


Currently he is recording and performing with electronic, world music, downtempo pioneers THIEVERY CORPORATION; and on the other end of the spectrum in post-punk rock outfit TIME is FIRE.


He was a founding member of the now defunct San Diego art rock band GoGoGo Airheart (1996-2006). Who released several albums, EP’s and 7″ singles. That lead to tours throughout the States and Europe.


As a performer he has toured with or played with artists as diverse as Marshall Allen (Sun Ra), Lou Pride, Federico Aubele, SEE-I, Everyone Orchestra, Natalia Clavier, Sleepy Wonder, Grant Green Jr., Chris Haskett (Rollins Band), Ron Holloway, and others who have slipped his mind.